Sleeper: George Kittle

Tight End

6′ 4″  250 Lbs.

40 yard dash: 4.52 SEC

NFL Comparison: Charles Clay

  • One of the fastest TE in the group
  • Had an excellent broad jump, a sign of lower body strength and burst
  • Run routes well in short, middle & deep levels.
  • Has reliable receiving hands but needs to focus on protecting the football after the catch
  • Moderate blocking from inline position, better used in H-back role & in motion


Kittle lines up as left inline TE and drives the defensive end back 7 yards and plows him into the ground.


Excellent one hand grab in between the safeties, NFL ready concentration.


In this gif he loses blocking position with his footwork but sustains the block long enough for the QB to get his throw out.


Kittle is the right side TE on the bottom of the gif. Kicks out his blocker and finishes him to the ground.  Opens a great lane for the RB to score.


Perfect underneath route in the end zone but can’t secure the catch, QB could have made a better throw here as Kittle created plenty of separation for an easy score.





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