QB Rankings

QB Rankings

This year’s QB class is not what we are accustomed to. As fans, we’re used to seeing franchise caliber players like Andrew Luck, Jameis Winston, or Carson Wentz on our team’s big boards. But this year we have a handful of average and project QB’s who would all be best suited to either stay for another year of college or sit for this year (maybe two) behind a veteran.

But nonetheless, we must rank them. Note that my views on the players and the round projection are not related but more where I think they will be reached for.

  1. Mitch Trubisky – QB – North Carolina

Overview: Though Trubisky only started one year in college, he brings a high football IQ mixed with sneaky athleticism and a good arm. He primarily played in the shotgun during his short college tenure which may bring problems down the road, but overall Trubisky has the ability to be an above average QB in this league.

NFL Comparison: Derek Carr

Round Projection: Top 15

  1. Patrick Mahomes – QB – Texas Tech

Overview: When Davis Webb was beaten out this summer by Mahomes it raised some big question marks. Mahomes went on to have a great year for the Red Raiders all while boosting his draft stock. Mahomes is a very raw but intriguing prospect, he has the strongest arm in the draft class and good athleticism. His pure playmaking ability makes him the number two overall prospect but he needs significant work on his footwork, accuracy, and running a pro-style offense.

NFL Comparison: Matthew Stafford

Round Projection: 1st

  1. DeShone Kizer – QB – Notre Dame

Overview: Kizer has the potential to be a very good QB in the NFL. He has a good arm, pocket presence, and the ability to keep his eyes downfield. Though he has the fundamentals down to a science, in college he ran a very simple two read offense and that usually does not translate well to the NFL.

NFL Comparison: Sam Bradford

Round Projection: Top 50

4.Deshaun Watson – QB – Clemson

Overview: The definition of a winner. Has the leadership and athleticism to be an ok QB in the NFL. Lacks great arm strength, concerning injury history, poor accuracy will hold him back.

NFL Comparison: Mark Sanchez

Round Projection: Top 50

  1. Davis Webb – QB – Cal

Overview: Strong armed QB who thrives in gimmick offenses. Lack natural line presence and huddle control. Rarely took snaps under center.

NFL Comparison: Brett Hundley

Round Projection: 2-3


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