Sleeper: Forrest Lamp

Forrest Lamp  Offensive Tackle from Western Kentucky

6′ 4″  lbs. 309 lbs.

40 yard dash.: 5.0

225 lbs. Bench press: 34 reps 2nd highest in class

Draft Projection: 2nd to 3rd round

Hometown: Venice, FL


  • Played well vs. Jonathan Allen top defensive lineman in this draft
  • Wins when hands are inside
  • Very strong and plays with power block style
  • Athletic & good hands, used in Tackle eligible scheme (scored a TD)
  • Run blocking is quality, uses legs to drive thru opponent
  • good kick slide technique



  • Short arms poor reach
  • Needs help with footwork to maintain leverage
  • Short choppy feet creates struggles with speedy edge rushers
  • Struggled vs Tim Williams from Alabama, speed bull rush style

In the clip below Forrest #76 is at Left tackle blocking Tim Williams #56


Final Note:   The verdict on Lamp is he handles interior defensive lineman better than speedy edge pass rushers which is why scouts see him moving to guard. Forrest played left tackle in college but the right side may suit him best. Give him the right system/coaching and you have a quality lineman for inside or out.  He should come off the board in mid to late 2nd round or early 3rd.

NFL Comparison: Zack Martin



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