CB Rankings Pre Combine

  1. Marshon Lattimore – Ohio St

Pros: Ideal size, Good speed, Ballhawk nature

Cons: 1 year starter, Injury history

Overview: Exceptionally talented individual who has the skill and ability to be one of the best in the game.

  1. Quincy Wilson – Florida

Pros: Good size, Physical, High motor

Cons: Average speed, Tight hips

Overview: A solid Corner who has a good skillset and very competitive nature.

  1. Teez Tabor – Florida

Pros: Good size, Very athletic

Cons: Jumpy, Questionable motor

Overview: A very good Corner who has all the talent but his motor and judgement on the field are big questions.

  1. Sidney Jones – Washington

Pros: High motor, Ideal size, Great ball skills

Cons: Lacks upper body strength

Overview: Good athlete with a even better mind, will not get beat by the average bear.

  1. Jourdan Lewis – Michigan

Pros: Very competitive, Good range of motion

Cons: Ok size, Needs to gain muscle

Overview: A very savvy, smart player who has that “it” factor. Will make a defensive coordinator say wow with his work ethic.


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