WR Rankings Pre-Combine

  1. Mike Williams – Clemson

     Pros: Big build, Good speed, Strong hands

     Cons: Route running needs to be sharper

     Overview: A NFL caliber receiver who has gone against some of the best in the ACC, will thrive in pass happy offenses.

     2. Corey Davis – Western Michigan

     Pros: Fast receiver, Good build, Great hands

     Cons: Route running is average

     Overview: I big physical receiver who can play at a Pro Bowl level in the NFL. Will be a huge redzone target for any QB.

     3. John Ross – Washington

     Pros: Blazing speed, Though receiver, Good hands

     Cons: Small size

     Overview: Small in stature, big in production. Ross is a big deep threat and will be very useful with big arm QB’s.

     4. Malachi Dupre – LSU

     Pros: Very physical receiver, Good size, Playmaker

     Cons: Subpar route running, Ok speed

     Overview: Little production in college due to system and the lack of a good QB. Has size, speed, and hands to be good in the NFL.

     5. Cooper Kupp – Easterm Washington

     Pros: Amazing hands, Good size

     Cons: Ok speed

     Overview: A pure hands receiver who will catch every pass thrown in a 5 yard radius. Will make for a good redzone and 3rd down target.


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