Running Back Rankings Pre-Combine

  1. Leonard Fournette – LSU

Pros: Strong runner, Breakaway speed, Good vision, “It Factor”

Cons: Struggles with ankle injuries, has maturity issues

Overview: A elite level Running Back who has the ability to be the greatest to ever step on the field. Hopefully injuries don’t rattle his ability.

2. Christian McCaffrey – Stanford

Pros: Breakaway speed, Great vision, Good pass catcher

Cons: Small frame

Overview: A great Running Back who has the ability to dominate the game not only by running, but also pass catching and kick returning.

3. Dalvin Cook – FSU

Pros: Strong Runner, Breakaway speed, Good pass blocker

Cons: Nagging shoulder injuries, multiple off field incidents

Overview:  A very effective Running Back who has the ability to be a three down back in the NFL.

4. Joe Mixon – Oklahoma

Pros: Patient runner, Good pass catcher, Great speed

Cons: Major off the field issues

Overview: A great player on the field, a questionable man off the field. Hopefully Joe has learned from his mistakes and will get a opportunity.

5. Alvin Kamara – Tennessee

Pros: Great speed, Prototype size, Good pass catcher

Cons: Poor field vision, Blocking could improve

Overview: A good Running Back at the next level, not reliable for three downs. Can change the game with his speed on any given play.


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