Quaterback Rankings Pre-Combine

QB Rankings Pre-Combine

1. Mitch Trubisky North Carolina

                Pros: Strong arm, Good Build, Incredibly accurate, Surprisingly athletic

                Cons: One year starter

                Overview: The definition of a Pro-Style QB, the one year starter aspect scares me but the talent and build is hard to pass.

2. Deshone Kizer, Notre Dame

                Pros: Strong Arm, Good athleticism

                Cons: Inaccurate, Average mechanics

                Overview: A strong armed, athletic QB who tends to make mental mistakes and has minor accuracy problems.

3. Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech

                Pros: Amazing arm strength, Good downfield version, Tough, Athletic,

                Cons: Never played under center, played in manufactured offense

                Overview: A extremely raw, talented player who has the ability to do everything you can dream of. Has seldom called plays by himself and never played a snap in a Pro-Style offense.

4. Dashaun Watson

                Pros: Experienced, Leader, Tough

                Cons: Inconsistent, Small build, Bad deep ball

                Overview: A good college QB who capitalized on good talent around him. Has done nothing but win during his career.

5. Brad Kaaya

                Pros: Good build, Pro-Style QB, Field general

                Cons: Not very accurate, tends to overthink routes

                Overview: A very smart, Pro-Style QB who is calm in the pocket and can deliver nice passes from time to time. Has major accuracy issues and struggles with throws on the run.


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